An E-learning system that saves you time.

The Fastest Project Building Tool Available

Drag and drop your files and build your project with ease.

Because we know that you will be spending a lot of time preparing projects, we built a system around your workflow.

Rapid Project Building

Effective delivery

Sending your projects to students couldn’t be easier.

It can be a pain sending content to your students, we’ve made it simpler to group your students together and create custom mailing lists.

Effective delivery

Built on collaboration

Feedback is vital, you need to communicate effectively.

Your students will have questions, answer them promptly.

We also believe in privacy, everything between you and your students won’t be shared with the world.

Built on collaboration

Grading their efforts, visually feedback.

Grade your students with just a few clicks.

One downfall is that students don't absorb the feedback right away, they need it to be visually present at all times.

Marking made fun

All your files in one place

Organise you life, your documents are your assets.

A file area that sorts out your content, there is no excuse for losing your documents again.

We have built in version control, so you never have to delete anything, you can categorise files and make comments on them.

All your files in one place

Use it on mobile or tablet

Use the app anywhere, being mobile is important.

Be anywhere and deliver content better than if you were sitting in the classroom. Automate and save yourself time.

Use it on mobile or tablet

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